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  • 1 Week/10 Sessions​- Attend as many sessions as you can from October 14th -19th.
  • 21 Superfoods Nutrition Guide​- This easy to understand guide will supercharge your results!
  • Presentation Night Party- Celebrate the end of a challenging week with Dinner & Drinks! 
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What is Challenge Week?? 
Our Internationally Acclaimed Team Fitness Event
Challenge Week is our bi-annual Event held every April & October. Now into it's 19th Series in 10 years, its a week long event that challenges you physically, mentally and emotionally to keep turning up and give your best. 

All Members of Oxygen are split into one of 4 Teams - Blue, Green, Red & Yellow.  Over the course of one week, Members are challenged to attend as many Session as possible to earn points for their Team. Every Session you attend, you earn 1 Point for your Team. If you can wear something representing your Team colour you'll gain another point. So just by turning up, you start to accrue Points for your Team.  
Within each Session though, there will be Team & Individual Challenges to test Strength, Conditioning, Willpower & Teamwork. Winning a Challenge will earn your Team 20 Points, 2nd place gets 15 points, 3rd gets 10 & 4th place gets 5.

By week's end your Team Total can be 500 points or more but Challenge Weeks have been won and lost by a single point!

You might think you're not fit enough, strong enough, fast enough but many of these Challenges are about team work and having an extra person to share the workload can be really important. Teams that have more numbers approach their Session with confidence. Those with small numbers know they have their work cut out for them.

Challenge Week wraps up with a big Finale Session on the Saturday morning and then later that Night we'll all meet up for the Presentation Night Party at the local watering hole where one Team will lift the Challenge Week Cup.

It's the fitness equivalent of winning the Premiership but it's more about fun, fitness & friendships than winning.
International Acclaim, Really?
I was invited to speak at the Global Fitness Conference NPE Mega Training which each year is held in Sydney, London and Florida. They wanted me to speak on the topic of Client Challenges after seeing the success of my Challenge Week events here in Kiama. 

They filmed that seminar, packaged it up and showed it at their other conferences around the world. It has since been seen by over 15,000 Fitness Professionals worldwide and has now been replicated in places such as Sydney, Brisbane, Mackay, Calgary, Vancouver, California & Dallas.
It's something I'm incredibly proud of and it's been great to share it with others around the world BUT I would love to share it with more people here in Kiama.
Many of our Long Term Clients that have been here for years, started their Oxygen journey with a Challenge Week. They walked in blind, not knowing what they were in for, and years later they're still hooked! 

Leanne Williams started with Challenge Week in 2011. She had limited fitness experience and has since gone on to become a 2-time Member of the Year. She can bang out 10 chin ups at a moments notice, has run multiple Half-marathons and has the body of a fitness model at age 50. It all started with Challenge Week 
Joy Briggs started with Challenge Week in 2014. She had an auto-immune disease, did a bit of yoga and the odd run (which usually left her with constant fatigue and painful joints). She's now a Coach at Oxygen, pain-free, healthy and one of the strongest people (Male or Female) we've ever had the pleasure of working with.  It all started with Challenge Week.
"Challenge Week might just be the catalyst to change your life forever"
Dave Lambert
Owner Oxygen Health & Fitness
Why Oxygen Health & Fitness? 
We are the place people go to transform their body permanently.
Change Your Body For Good. 
We help people change their bodies. And we want to help you!
When you belong to Oxygen Health & Fitness, you aren't just joining a Gym...you are joining a results driven community that is committed to the process and in it for the long haul. 

Every session is led by one of our Coaches who will work with you to achieve your personal goals and will push you more than any other Program you've tried before. 

Although we are a Group training Facility, our Programs are specifically targeted to YOUR Goals. When you start training here at Oxygen, you won't want to leave. 

We strive to be "The 3rd place" in your life. You have Home, Work & Oxygen. 

What sets us apart from other Gyms is that your progress is measurable. Not only will you see changes in how your clothes fit, but you will see your body fat go down, strength go up & your physical performance improve.

Don't be surprised if you do things here you never thought possible.

What's the point of transforming your body if you can't have fun and enjoy yourself?! We work our butts off here at Oxygen and chances are you'll do things differently here than anywhere else you've tried. 

Training is tough and we embrace that, but we'll also help you to have fun and enjoy the process!

We know you'll have questions when you are here...from nutrition, to training, to everything in between. That's totally cool with us and every day we help our Members with every piece of the puzzle. 

Our Mission is to help you so anything you need...ask away. 

Ready to Challenge Yourself? 

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The best part about Challenge Week is how affordable and risk-free it is for you to test-drive our Programs. 

You get to take action, drop the excuses and make a  Short Term Commitment to Your Goals...

and we get a chance to show you just what we are all about here at Oxygen Health & Fitness!

Our Programs normally require a minimum 4 Week Commitment... 

However, you can take advantage of this Special Deal, to get involved with our BEST Week of the Year for just $47!

You'll get complete access to Oxygen Health & Fitness, our 21 Superfoods Nutrition Guide and you'll get an idea of just how we've been working for almost 10 years to transform the people of Kiama into everyday athletes...for only $47!

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Join Now For Only $47
Register Now For Challenge Week!
 Kick Start Your Fitness Goals
  • 1 Week/10 Sessions​- Attend as many sessions as you can from October 14th -19th.
  • 21 Superfoods Nutrition Guide​- This easy to understand guide will supercharge your results!
  • Presentation Night Party- Celebrate the end of a challenging week with Dinner & Drinks! 
Only $47 
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Where are we located?
Have A Question?
How can I get hold of you if I have a question?
You can call me personally at 0414611090 or email us at info@oxygenfit.com.au
What happens when I register?
Once you register you will be placed into one of 4 Teams. From there we challenge you to attend as many Sessions as your schedule allows from Monday 14th October to Saturday 19th October. 

During the week you'll do Strength Training, Conditioning, Core work & more in all sorts of weird and wonderful combinations. You'll be shown how to do them properly, and there's different variations based on Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced fitness levels. Let us know if you have any injury concerns so we can work around any obstacles. Ultimately, all we ask is that you turn up and give it your best.

What is your schedule??
Challenge Week Series 19 (Mon 14th - Sat 19th October 2019)
6am & 6:30pm 
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri

Finale Session - 6am
Presentation Night - 6:30pm
If I am out of shape can I still do the program?
Yes, we scale the challenges within each session to three different fitness levels: Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced.
Does it include help with nutrition too?
Yes, we've included our popular 21 Superfoods Guide to help fuel your body for optimum performance & fast recovery.